Specialized Medical Organizations

Dubraski & Associates has expertise in working with a variety of health care service providers including, but not limited to:

  • Hospices
  • Surgery Centers
  • Home Health Care Organizations
  • Imaging Centers
  • Health Care Staffing Agencies
  • Pharmacies
  • Health Clinics
  • Rehab and Substance Abuse Facilities

Each of these facilities provides a unique range of medical professional services and requires specialized insurance coverages. Dubraski & Associates provides all of our health care clients with value-based recommendations and solutions that will meet their goals and ensure their financial protection.

Workers Compensation

Another significant exposure area is workers compensation. For these providers, premiums will depend on the number of employees and many other factors. We will work with you to analyze your exposures and ensure that your coverage is comprehensive enough to meet your facility’s needs in a cost-effective manner.

Data Privacy Coverages

Our industry is becoming increasingly reliant upon technology. Data privacy and security insurance provides health care service providers with a means to transfer and manage the risks of this emerging exposure.

Management Liability

As the U.S. health care industry evolves, management liability insurance provides health care entities and service providers, and their executive and management teams, with protection for the complex management and employment related exposures that may arise.

Property & Casualty

A health care service provider may require insurance for property, general liability and other traditional coverages. We specialize in placing all lines of insurance for health care organizations.

Crime/Employee Theft

Because patients are in long-term care facilities for periods ranging from weeks to years in some cases, the need often arises for coverage relating to losses relating to simple theft, such as personal goods like jewelry or other valuables, all the way to mishandling of company funds via unauthorized bank transfers or other transactions.

Ancillary Coverages

Dubraski & Associates can also help you put into place additional coverages when necessary, including:

  • Surety bonds
  • Environmental coverage
  • Automobile coverage

Employee Benefits

In an environment where companies are seeing their health care benefit costs outstrip inflation year after year, Dubraski & Associates delivers solutions that help health care facilities control costs without sacrificing quality. Because of our health care expertise, we are able to anticipate and target the unique challenges that these organizations will face. We get to the heart of these each group’s particular requirements and work to develop tailored, appropriate employee benefit plan solutions. Whether it is using today’s technology by engaging our unique transparent reverse auction approach for sourcing life and disability, tapping into our specialized health care markets to negotiate more competitive stop-loss pricing and better provisions for self-funded medical plans, using leverage to drive down pharmacy costs through our collective PBM program, or educating and communicating a voluntary benefit program at multiple facilities to your valuable employees, our unique collaborative approach with our clients allow us to custom-tailor an employee benefits package that’s right for you.

Our team’s professional experience in the health care arena will ensure that all your coverage needs are met. We focus on your company, as well as your employees and corporate structure, to ensure that any and all coverage needs are met appropriately and effectively.


To learn more about how Dubraski & Associates can help your health care facility, contact us.