Accountable Care Organizations & At-Risk Providers

ACOAs health care and managed care organizations adapt to the changing and challenging nature of the U.S. health care industry, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) are continuing to emerge. Dubraski & Associates is the largest, most experienced managed care stop loss broker and consultant. We provide our ACO clients and prospects with value-based recommendations and solutions that will meet their goals and ensure their financial protection.

The structure of an Accountable Care Organization varies widely. Our associates are highly specialized, experienced and recognized leaders in the health care brokerage industry. With your input, they will develop customized solutions to respond to your needs.

Financial Risk Management/Stop-Loss

The level of financial risk may be different for each ACO. In addition to traditional specific stop-loss, an aggregate stop-loss (per member stop-loss) product is available as an alternative to CMS’s letter of credit requirement. Read more about financial risk management.

Managed Care Errors & Omissions

Managed care errors and omissions insurance responds to the direct and vicarious liability exposures related to managed care activities and to other exposures anticipated by the health care reform laws, including increased vicarious liability for the provision of medical services and adherence to increased government regulation. Read more about managed care errors and omissions.

Management Liability

As the U.S. health care industry evolves, management liability insurance provides ACOs and their directors and officers with protection for the complex management and employment related exposures that may arise. Learn more about management liability.

Data Privacy & Security

Data privacy and security insurance provides health care organizations with a means to transfer and manage the risks of this emerging exposure in an industry that is becoming increasingly reliant upon technology. Learn more about data privacy and security.

Property & Casualty

An ACO may require insurance for property, general and professional liability and other coverages. We specialize in placing all lines of insurance for health care organizations. Read more about property and casualty.

To learn more about how Dubraski & Associates can help ACOs, contact us.