Property & Casualty

Property & Casualty Coverages

At its core, a health care entity’s property and casualty insurance should provide full and comprehensive coverage for all of its physical assets as well as its workforce. As a health care specialty broker, Dubraski & Associates has dedicated expertise in structuring and placing the broad spectrum of Property & Casualty insurance coverages for all types of health care organizations with financially secure insurance companies.

Areas of chief interest with regard to property and casualty coverage include:

  • Property
  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation and Employers Liability
  • Commercial Automobile

Package Policies for Small to Mid-Sized Health Care and Managed Care Organizations

A package policy is a blended form that typically provides both property and general liability coverages. These policies may also include a variety of other coverages, including commercial automobile, crime, data privacy, and employment practices liability among others. Package policies are critical for small and mid-sized businesses that can take advantage of the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of this policy structure.

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