Health Care Professional Liability

Medical Professional Liability Solutions for Hospitals and Health Systems, Senior Living Facilities, and Physician Organizations

Health care organizations have to continually address the scope and adequacy of their medical professional liability insurance, which combined with appropriate self-insurance levels, is one of the largest expenditures in a health care organization’s insurance program. No matter how robust a facility’s risk management program may be, no organization is immune to medical malpractice lawsuits.

Dubraski & Associates is highly experienced with all aspects of medical professional liability insurance and has some of the strongest insurance carrier relationships in the industry. Through our expertise, we can thoroughly review an organization’s risk profile and structure a medical professional liability program that addresses a facility’s unique characteristics. We believe that an effective risk financing program combined with a proper risk transfer structure is crucial to managing your total cost of risk. While each of our clients is unique, our associates’ extensive experience allows us to utilize and continually modify and enhance the solutions we apply to the various health care organizations we work with. Additionally, we review the current insurance program carefully to identify gaps in coverage and/or areas for improvement.

Managed Care Errors & Omissions Liability for Health Care Providers, Health Plans, CO-OPs, Accountable Care Organizations, and other Managed Care Organizations

The number of organizations that need to purchase Managed Care Errors & Omissions (E&O) Liability insurance is growing based on the changing landscape of the health care industry. While this coverage has typically been purchased by managed care organizations such as Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs), Independent Practice Associations (IPAs), and Management Services Organizations (MSOs), today many other companies are involved in managed care that have similar exposures to loss. These organizations include Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), Consumer Oriented and Operated Plans (CO-OPs), Managed Long Term Care (MLTC) plans as well as many hospitals and physician organizations.

As a health care specialty broker and consultant, Dubraski & Associates recognizes the need for broad coverage to address issues related to managed care activities such as utilization review, provider selection, claims services, triage for medical payments, protection of health information, etc. Moreover, we are continually challenging the insurance marketplace and driving innovative solutions to address coverage needs as relates to health care reform and other regulatory challenges. In addition, we have access to all financially secure insurers globally that write Managed Care Errors & Omissions coverage.

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