Claims and Risk Control Services

We provide clients with valuable claim and risk control resources. Our team promotes increased communication and education within the organization which ultimately leads to an enhanced safety culture and a reduction in claim frequency and severity. Effective claims management begins with timely and accurately reporting of claims. Our associates work closely with our clients to ensure that there is a claim reporting process in place that is clearly communicated when coverage is bound. Additionally, a sound risk control program is essential to prevent and mitigate claims. Before analyzing the specific risk control needs of our clients, we make sure to outline the risk management services provided by the insurers included as part of the policies purchased. Subsequently, for any additional projects or services, we develop a strategy in order to identify the specific needs of each client and deliver the most appropriate resources available.

Moreover, throughout the claims and risk control process, we:

  • Serve as your advocate at all times
  • Listen to your specific needs and develop effective claim and risk control programs and procedures in partnership with you, your insurance carriers and claim administrator
  • Review coverage issues and negotiate with insurers/reinsurers to achieve satisfactory resolutions
  • Monitor the progress of claims and obtain periodic status reports from the appropriate insurers/reinsurers
  • Participate in claim reviews
  • Provide access to outside coverage counsel experts