Alternative Risk Solutions

Dubraski & Associates has a wealth of knowledge and experience in structuring and servicing a wide variety of self-insured programs. We have dedicated expertise in working with self-insurance vehicles, including captives, risk retention groups (RRG), self-insured trusts, etc. Many of our health care provider clients employ some sort of alternative risk financing mechanism, and we also have experience in managing the primary activities of several RRGs and captives.

Our team has extensive experience in working with health care organizations with on-shore and off-shore captives. We coordinate with such companies on behalf of our clients on a regular basis. This involvement has included the development of feasibility studies and other projects surrounding the evaluation of self-insured structures.

We believe that an effective alternative risk financing program combined with a proper risk transfer structure is crucial to managing your total cost of risk. While each of our clients is unique, our associates’ extensive, global experience allows us to utilize and continually modify and enhance the solutions we apply to the various health care organizations we work with. An important aspect of this is spending time with you and others within your organization to understand the services offered by our clients and the goals of the senior management team.

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