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Benchmarking is a useful tool that can be applied in many different ways. When working with our clients, we first determine which areas they wish to explore based on their unique needs. Then, we utilize a combination of the tools outlined below to address benchmarking requests.

Dubraski & Associates has access to a benchmarking database which contains data for over 3 million insurance programs across all lines of property and casualty business. This database allows us to input our clients/prospects’ program information and compare it to industry peers which will help identify gaps in coverage, limit inadequacy, pricing discrepancies, retention levels, etc. In addition, we have the ability to provide informal benchmarking reports compiled through information from various health care underwriters as well as client-redacted data from our existing customer base.

Insurer Financial Security

While pricing and policy terms are critical in evaluating an insurer’s product, we believe the financial condition of an insurance company should be a significant factor when evaluating competing proposals. Insurance is essentially a “promise to pay” and the carriers participating on your programs need to be financially strong over the long-term in order to be there to pay claims when necessary.

Dubraski & Associates is in the market every day communicating with insurers from the local underwriters to senior management levels. In addition to changes in financial ratings, the markets readily inform us of any changes in product offerings, policy forms, and additional client resources. Our company also subscribes to several industry and data resource publications (i.e. A.M. Best and other rating agencies, Business Insurance, Advisen and others), therefore we receive information in real time on a variety of topics, including industry trends, benchmarking data, insurers’ financial strength and stability, and more. We promptly communicate any applicable information regarding our clients’ current or prospective insurers and other noteworthy industry news.

Service Quality Assurance

Our dedication to superior client service is demonstrated in the form of Dubraski & Associates Service Standards. Since our company’s inception, we have used our Service Standards as the basis for executing quality service plans to all clients. Service Standards details the scope and timing of the continuous client service cycle, the use of our technology platforms in the delivery of client service, and internal operations protocols to ensure appropriate and accurate file maintenance, insurer knowledge management, and other items.

Outsourced Consulting Services

Health care providers and payers require outside advice in many areas. At Dubraski & Associates, we focus specifically on our core services so that we can deliver superior value to clients. We do not duplicate or charge clients for services that are performed more efficiently by others. This approach allows us to remain unbiased and independent in everything we do. It also encourages others to collaborate with us for the benefit of the client.

We will work with existing consultants and other outside experts at the client’s direction. We also maintain an extensive network of professionals who are available as a resource. Once we have determined the exact strategy and service needs that are right for the client, we will:

  • Coordinate with third parties as determined by our clients
  • Introduce clients to outside specialists where appropriate
  • Monitory and manage third-party services as necessary
  • Utilize outside specialized resources to save clients money

Examples of outsourced services include:

  • Actuarial Services
  • Captive Management
  • Health Care/Managed Care Contract Consulting
  • Third Party Administrators
  • Premium Finance Companies

To learn more about Dubraski & Associates’ additional services, contact us.