Financial Analysis

Our Financial Analysis Center is led by a dedicated team with over 30 combined years of financial and accounting experience in the health care field. The purpose of the Center is to assist clients in the analysis of their program and help evaluate the various reinsurance/insurance options being considered. Utilizing detailed financial analysis, we provide customized coverage, not canned solutions. We are also committed to making sure the coverage is understandable and appropriate for our client’s exposure and tolerance for risk.

The Financial Analysis Center:

  • Is able to work with claims data in all formats.
  • Offers a pre and post-quote analysis. The pre-quote analysis is helpful during the strategy meeting with the client prior to the actual terms being offered. The post-quote analysis is utilized to model the various coverage options with the client’s historical claims data.
  • Makes sure the client has the appropriate balance between insurance and self-insurance and is protected accordingly.

Examples of standard reports include:

  • Cost of Coverage Report
  • Frequency Report
  • Top Provider Report
  • Ineligible Services Analysis
  • Impact of Reinsurance/Insurance Report