Case Studies: Minimizing The Cost Of Group Employee Benefits

Learn How To Reduce Benefits Cost With Dubraski’s Online Reverse Auction

While providing top-quality employee benefits is vital in today’s competitive business world, evaluating and selecting the right carrier with the right coverages often comes at a high cost.

An RFP process is a critical tool in purchasing group employee benefits, but it is also complex, time consuming and overwhelming.

In Minimizing the Cost of Group Employee Benefits, we examine the benefits of using Dubraski & Associates’ web-based, online reverse auction vs. the traditional RFP process.

Download the case study to learn:

  • How to simplify the purchasing of group employee benefits with a process that is more efficient, accurate and non-disruptive to HR and your employees than a traditional RFP process.
  • How the online reverse auction streamlines the RFP process and creates a competitive, transparent bidding environment where up to 20 carriers compete based on product offerings, benefit features, customer service, cost and more.
  • How we helped a full service health system client with a $100 million cost improvement initiative achieve a 20% reduction in employer paid premiums, saving over $1 million a year.
  • How we helped a preferred multi-specialty medical group client with over 350 physicians and 36 clinic locations achieve a 27% reduction in employer paid premiums by transitioning to a highly-rated, national carrier.

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