Pharmacy Benefit Administration

Spending on prescription drugs has increased at double-digit rates for the past decade. A critical part of benefits administration, it is now the third largest component of health care expenses.

Many companies use closed or highly restricted formularies, or incentive-based formularies (where drugs are placed in different tiers), to mitigate costs. However, studies have shown that increased patient cost sharing and formulary restrictions can reduce pharmaceutical costs.

Dubraski & Associates is committed to using the new methods of controlling escalating expenses that are currently being developed and evaluated.

Pharmacy Benefit Management

We have experience with all types of prescription benefit plans and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBMs) models, including:

Traditional PBM Management

By leveraging the buying power of a nationwide client network via Zywave, we are able to offer clients sizable cost savings and pharmacy-benefit discounts from the largest pharmacy-benefit manager in the United States. Our clients are able to take advantage of lower dispensing fees, deeper pharmacy discounts and more aggressive rebates. Clients currently doing business with one of these PBMs can roll over existing contract to take advantage of immediate savings without any disruption in their current prescription drug program.

Transparent (Pass-Through) PBM models

Under our transparent PBM partnership, our partner PBM is committed to returning (or passing through) 100 percent of all discounts, rebates and associated revenue stream dollars that may have an immediate impact on the plan sponsor. All pharmacy discounts, rebate earning and other pharmaceutical incentives are completely disclosed, leaving employers with a clear and complete understanding of where their prescription costs.

We help clients achieve lower net drug costs, greater financial strength and improved member health and satisfaction through:

  • Unbiased clinical programs
  • Superior customer service
  • Proactive account management
  • Traditional RFP process or IBX reverse-auction approach

Dubraski & Associates can determine which solution is right for your organization if you provide us with basic pharmacy data. For a free prescription drug cost savings analysis, contact us.