Life, Disability, Accident

Dubraski & Associates specializes in designing and implementing health and life insurance, disability benefits and accident insurance for employees and their families. We can help you provide financial security for the people who rely on you most.

Online RFP Platform

Our platform (IBX) is a web-based, transparent sourcing exchange that is revolutionizing how large group life and disability plans are evaluated and purchased. IBX helps you distribute insurance products in a transparent environment and ensures you obtain the best possible proposal terms and conditions.

Developed for a leading underwriting firm in 2007, IBX has been used for transactions totaling more than $2 billion of annual life and disability premium. The program is designed to optimize plan value by strategically evaluating:

  • Carrier pricing, funding alternatives and financial strength
  • Plan design and policy/contract terms
  • Carrier service capacity, and
  • Carrier claim and leave management components

The proprietary platform has three phases:

  1. Technical Evaluation
    • Determines which vendors can meet contractual administrative and “Scope of Services” requirements.
    • All technical requirements and initial bids are entered into the IBX system
  2. Financial Evaluation
    • During the secondary pricing phase, carriers rebid in a transparent, online reverse auction in order to improve their competitiveness.
  3. Vendor Evaluation
    • Final presentation, site visits, and personnel interviews allow the client the ability to judge the best overall fit for their organization at the market’s most efficient price.


The IBX process includes a very unique open market “sourcing event” (or reverse auction) in which suitable vendors bid their most aggressive pricing/plan. Transparency of pricing is the key to IBX’s impact and it creates greater competition as carriers clearly see and understand who they are competing against, what they are competing for, and where their proposal stands relative to their competition. Weighing on both technical and financial scoring, the IBX process includes cutting edge, innovative technology that makes the RFP process more efficient, accurate and cost effective. This rapid downward price pressure delivers cost reduction results that are not normally attainable using a traditional RFP process. IBX average premium savings frequently exceeds 20% in addition to cutting the RFP completion time in half. Benefits on the IBX platform include:

  • Group Life/AD&D
  • Group Short Term and Long Term Disability
  • Group Dental
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management


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