Claims Data Analysis

Dubraski & Associates, along with our partner Zywave, provides state of the art tools to assist our clients with managing and structuring their benefit plans appropriately.

Claims Analysis Services include:

  • Claims and benefit plan analyses
  • Health management
  • Pharmacy benefit management solutions

In-depth Claims Analysis

We provide clients with a web-based claims analysis tool that empowers clients to manage and reduce claims costs. Using a specialized Zywave platform, Decision Master® Warehouse (DMW), we provide detailed information about claims-costs trends and help clients identify problems early.

Unlike cumbersome carrier reports, DMW provides information that is easy to read, organized, and illustrated with examples. With DMW, Dubraski & Associates can help you with claims analysis in new ways, turning complex data into meaningful information and powerful results.

Claims Application Services

  • Health Plan Management Report
    Detect problems with utilization and plan cost in this single- or multi-project comparison of your claims data against national norms
  • Rx Management Report
    Offer greater detail than pharmacy benefit management administrators in an easy-to-read report to help manage prescription drug costs
  • Drill-Down Module
    Slice your real health care and Rx claims data in countless ways, answering virtually any question
  • Alternative Modeling
    Experiment with plan design alternatives to see how plan changes will impact cost and participants
  • Disease Profiler™
    Budget better and negotiate more competitive rates with stop-loss carriers when armed with predicted costs of claims

Preferred Prescription Drug Pricing Program

In addition to claims analysis tools, our partnership with Zywave affords Dubraski & Associates clients access to a preferred prescription drug-pricing program. By leveraging the buying power of a nationwide client network, we can offer clients significant pharmacy benefit discounts from the largest pharmacy benefit manager in the United States.

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